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Zafran is also called Kashmiri saffron. Zafran sold by PMRC Corporation have extra long and thick threads that on being soaked expand and become longer. This zafran is deep red in color and has high color and aroma enhancing capabilities. Only the top notes of the “saffron crocus” flower are used to make the saffron spice for you. You require only a few strands of our zafran to create the desired flavor in “kheer” or rice pudding. The zafran from PMRC Corporation is of exclusively high quality and we have been selling this zafran to customers in India and to people all over the world. Our customers are very satisfied with the high quality saffron and regularly come back to buy more from them. On receiving your order we are able to dispatch the order within one-two week

Zafran is a spice that is derived from the “saffron crocus” flower. This is an expensive spice and is used in Indian cuisine to give the aroma and color. Zafran is used in rice, chicken, and added to milk shakes. Also many other vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes have evolved that use this spice. This spice has been used in Kashmiri chicken dishes for many years.

The zafran is produced in completely modern conditions. People hand pick, clean the threads in hygienic conditions, grade the threads, and produce perfect quality saffron. It then goes through a laboratory where the quality of the zafran is tested. The packaging section is very sophisticated. Machines are used in the packaging process. Printing, sealing, and packing of the zafran boxes to ensure freshness of the saffron is well looked after

Saffron threads are sold in packs of 25gm, 50gm, 2gm, 5gm, 1gm. Powdered saffron is also packed and sold. The powdered saffron is as good as the thread zafran. The saffron threads needs to be soaked and then it is added to the rice and chicken dishes. The powdered saffron can be used directly without requiring being soaked. This is convenience and ease of use of the zafran. Various Arabic rice dishes, curries, and kebabs also use zafran to add that extra flavor and color to the food.

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