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Winter Truffles

Truffle is considered as the most precious product in the culinary world. It is so popular because of its unique flavor and pungent aroma. It is considered as the most precious as well as rare gem particularly in the Western cuisine. Apart from its taste, it also has therapeutic as well as aphrodisiac effects on the body and mind.

Truffles are a kind of mushroom that can be found clamped together a few feet under the surface. It is generally found under willow, lime and oak trees. These mushrooms look like a little rock and appear in different colors such as brown, yellow or black. There are basically two types of winter truffles such as white and black truffles. Black truffles are comparatively more popular than the white winter truffles. Black truffles are most found in the countries like France, Spain and Italy. Though named as black truffles it is not at all black. Rather it is a bit yellow. A small white root can also be found inside these mushrooms.

The black winter truffles which are found in Europe are the superior amongst all. The qualities of the truffles that are grown in Europe are superior in quantity as well. The harvesting of truffle also depends on the changes of the climate.

There are also other types of black winter truffles. But in case of taste the Tuber Melanosporum is the most preferable among all. It is the favorite of many chefs and customers.

The other kind of winter truffle is the white truffles, which are commonly found in the regions of Croatia and Italy. The most expensive truffle in the world, in fact, is produced mainly in Alba, Italy. The aroma and the flavor in the white truffle are much more stronger than the black truffle. The white truffle is not at all white. Rather it usually has a thin skin and the color of this truffle is dirty yellow. While some experts say, the white truffle is tastier than black truffles. It is a true fact that the aroma or the scent of the white truffle is not long lasting. It rather lightens earlier than the black truffle. This is the sole reason why the white truffles are traditionally served raw, either as a side dish or as a garnishing that helps the main item to absorb the essence of the mushrooms. 

Though these pricey mushrooms are not quite available in every corner of the world, the people across the world who want to get the taste of them should not feel worried. These are now available here in India from PMRC Corporation. Once you place the order it will reach at your place within few days. Apart from that there are a number of countries like Australia which are advancing towards producing truffles.

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