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Vanilla Pod

Vanilla pod is very difficult to cultivate. There are two kinds of the natural vanilla that is used world wide and that is Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla pods. The sweet taste and flavor of the extract from this vanilla pod is used in vanilla cakes, invigorating vanilla perfume, vanilla ice-creams, body lotions, and creams. The extract from this vanilla pod is also used to make vanilla soaps.

PMRC Corporation has made quite a name in the vanilla business. Vanilla extracts and vanilla products are sold by us to all over the world. We have been selling extracts from vanilla pod to customers all over the world. You can order online for vanilla beans, and gourmet vanilla extract and we will promptly get your order delivered to you even if the order has to travel across continents.

Imagine all those vanilla cream fudge, vanilla nougat, vanilla flavored plain chocolates, and vanilla cakes! They might be made from vanilla pod sold by PMRC Corporation. Only organically grown vanilla pods are used to get our vanilla beans. You should keep these vanilla beans bought from PMRC Corporation only in normal room temperature. You should not refrigerate the vanilla beans as on refrigeration they will get dried up.  The vanilla pod is picked when it is ripe and then they are cured. No chemicals are used and the whole process of getting the vanilla products is organic in nature. The vanilla pod treatment is an exhaustive process and much labor is involved. This makes vanilla essence, oil, and products very expensive.

It is believed that the Bourbon plant stock was taken to Tahiti and grown there. The resulting plants are called Tahitian vanilla and these where smaller in appearance and had sweet and fruity floral fragrance. It contains lesser amounts of natural vanilla when compared to the Bourbon vanilla pod. Bourbon vanilla pod is from Mexico. The flavor we get in sweets and desserts is from the vanilla oil taken from Bourbon vanilla pod. Tahitian vanilla is more expensive than Bourbon vanilla.

Shopping on our website is safe and secure. Credit card details entered are quite safe and we use PayPal payment gateway for online transaction. Your personal details entered on the website are also safe from third party sharing and use. The prices charged by us for the vanilla pod products are very reasonable when compared to the effort that goes in to produce these vanilla pod extracts. We make all efforts to satisfy you and also to deliver you best quality vanilla pod extracts. Our customer support team can be contacted in case of any question.

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