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Vanilla India

Vanilla in India has seen a steady increase in demand. Vanilla is used as a flavouring agent. Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans at first began this cultivation. Natural vanilla has a high demand in world market. Pods are processed for scents and aroma. Vanilla extracts are produced by keeping it in alcohol. Vanillin is the chief agent of aroma. Vanilla is considered to be one of the costly spices for its intricate labour work. Vanilla in India finds a wide range of vanilla usage like aromatherapy, perfume and baking in day to day and commercial purposes.

Vanilla beans are majorly divided into four types:

  • The Bourbon vanilla is also known as Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla. This kind of vanilla is produced in the islands like the Comoros and Madagascar.

  • Tahitian vanilla is from the French Polynesia. This type of vanilla is formed from vanilla tahitiensis strain. It is hybrid of vanilla odorata and vanilla planifolia.

  • Mexican vanilla is extracted from vanilla planifolia. It is manufactured in a lesser quantity and exported.

  • West Indian vanilla is grown in South America, Caribbean and Central America and is produced from the V. pompona strain.

PMRC Corporation is a leading Vanilla India exporter catering to the best quality of natural vanilla in the world market. Its various products are

  • Vanilla Bean

Vanilla bean is used as an agent. It changes a dish into a delicious one with its smoky flavour. Processes like curing, killing, drying, sweating and conditioning are needed. It is used in foods and delicacies, oils for aromatherapy, creams and in medical purposes. Vanilla bean is a popular bean in vanilla India. It should be kept in air tight jar which stays for one to two years. It should not be overcooked. PMRC Corporation is a reputed vanilla India trader and exporter.

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