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Vanilla Extract

The vanilla is arguably world’s most famous food flavor. But where actually does this world famous flavor come from? Basically Vanilla extract commonly found in the market are of two kinds, one is natural and one is artificial. Vanilla extract is the solution containing the flavor compound known as vanillin. Though vanillin is also found in roasted coffee and the Chinese red pine, but their presence is very less in them to create the renowned  taste of vanilla. Synthetic vanillin can also be created in the laboratory, to provide the artificial vanilla extract.

The natural or pure Vanilla extract is made by dissolving vanilla beans in the solution of alcohol. To make proper vanilla extract, the chopped vanilla beans are percolated in the Ethyl alcohol or water for about 48 hours. The mixture is then aged for several months then filtered There are different strengths of Vanilla extract can also be made by varying the amount of vanilla beans or the percentage of alcohol in the solution. In order to be called a pure solution, the Vanilla extract has to pass a benchmark from U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The solution needs to contain a minimum 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans and 35% of  pure alcohol per gallon.

This liquid form of vanilla, or the commonly known as Vanilla extract is the most general form of vanilla used all over the world today. Vanilla was first originated in the Mexico, where the Aztec used to use vanilla to enrich the flavour of their chocolate drinks. The mixed drink, made with Vanilla pods and cacao beans, was brought to Europe in the 16th century, where it become quite famous amongst the aristocracy in Europe. In 1602, an unknown chemist discovered that vanilla can also be used as flavouring. There are about 110 varieties of vanilla available but out them only two varieties are used commercially, the Bourbon and the Tahitian.  The artificial variety of Vanilla extract is made using vanillin and various paper industry by products, treated with a lot of chemicals. The result in Vanilla extract often said to have a harsh quality and bitter after taste.

PMRC Corporation is one the best places to find the purest and natural form of vanilla extracts in India. Often, many manufacturers use the words “natural” or “real vanilla” in order to promote their products, but mostly what they provide are the cheaper and artificial variety of the vanilla  extract. In order to create the pure and natural vanilla extract, the  perfect blend of art and science must work in unison from the beginning to the end. This perfect procedure yields the high quality vanilla pods with a vanilla contents above average of  2%. Only best quality vanilla pods are used in processing of the purest of Vanilla extract.. Purchase can be made in either small and large quantity from PMRC Corporation both online and by mail order. So if you are looking for the best quality of Vanilla extract for your exquisite recipe, shoot your email to

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