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Vanilla Exporter

While talking about Vanilla exporter, PMRC Corporation is a leading name from India. Vanilla planifolia is the edible fruit from the orchid family and is cultivated hugely to be used as a spice. There are around 150 species of vanilla, but Bourbon and Tahitian varieties are only grown to be used as a spice. The cultivation of vanilla spice used by the Vanilla exporter is quite laborious. It takes three years for the vanilla flower to grow on the vines. The dark green pods or beans or flowers remain on the vines for nine months, before the curing process starts. This curing process develops the rich vanilla flavor in this spice. In India, the states that have these vanilla spices are Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. Vanilla oil can be used to make perfumes, soaps, creams, and in aromatherapy. Vanilla essence is used in cakes, ice-creams, and biscuits.

PMRC Corporation is a vanilla exporter, and the number of customers who have praised our vanilla is huge. PMRC is able to send you vanilla beans and vanilla pods. The best quality pods, beans, and fruit are used by PMRC and this is for the benefit of the customer. PMRC as a vanilla exporter is able to build a huge customer base due to its prompt delivery, use of best delivery methods, quality of products, and attention to requirements of the customers. Go through our website, look at the pictures, read the descriptions, and then order vanilla from the leading vanilla exporter, PMRC Corporation. The vanilla beans are carefully packed for shipment. You can give us bulk orders and the shipment will be done quite fast.

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