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Truffle Suppliers

Truffles are a kind of fungus that when added to food gives it a great flavour. France is famous for black truffles that are used to garnish all their bread rolls and salads. Italy is known for the white truffles that are used by people all over the world to garnish pastas and steaks. There are many truffle suppliers. You can use the web to look for these truffle suppliers. They will have website stores through which they are retailing in truffles. PMRC Corporation is a good choice among these truffle suppliers.

PMRC Corporation on receiving your order for truffles will promptly be able to send it to you. PMRC Corporation has a support team that is able to answer to your queries regarding truffles. Among the truffle suppliers you will find PMRC Corporation to be very diligent and competent. The quality of the truffles supplied by them will be very good. The truffle suppliers would generally buy their requirements for truffle from Italy and France.

The truffle suppliers might sell you truffle that is preserved. Whole truffles can be preserved as is, in brine solution or some other preservative solution. Peeled truffle might also be preserved. In this case the peel is also sold and can be used to garnish stews, steaks and salads. The flavour of the truffles will make your food all the more delicious. Sometimes the truffles are chopped or sliced and then put into preservative solutions. Most truffle suppliers would sell truffle in different forms. The truffles might be brushed and then preserved for you to buy. Sometimes truffles might be flash frozen. Truffle suppliers’ flash freezes the truffles to maintain the aroma as the freezing is done very quickly.

You can buy fresh white truffles, summer truffles or black truffles from the truffle suppliers. You can also buy a bottle of preserved truffles. The preserved truffles have a shelf life of one to two years as will be specified on the jar. After opening the bottle and using the truffles partially it is best that you refrigerate the rest of the jar. You should consume the opened jar of truffles in one or two weeks as specified by the truffle suppliers.

The preserved truffles can be taken out of the solution and then dried on a piece of cloth or drying paper. Slice the truffles using a truffle slicer. You can also sauté the truffle with truffle butter or truffle oil bought from the same truffle suppliers. This sauté process will enhance the aroma and flavour of the truffle.

You can buy vanilla, cardamom, garlic and bhut jolokia chilli from PMRC Corporation store along with the truffle. Among the truffle suppliers, PMRC Corporation is very reliable. We have many satisfied customers. We are able to customise your order and drop ship the order to anywhere in India..

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