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Summer Truffle

Truffles are kind of exotic fungus that adds a flavour to the food to which they are added. Summer truffles are used to garnish pasta, pizza, bread, stews and steaks. They are used fresh and also after being preserved. The fresh summer truffles will be less expensive as compared to the fresh winter truffles. The summer truffles normally grow in oak and pinewoods. Thinly sliced summer truffles garnished over a warm stew, garnished on a steak or garnished on a pasta bake will give a lovely flavour to the food.

You can order online for all your summer truffles requirements from PMRC Corporation store. After receiving your online order the website store will deliver the summer truffle. The store is able to drop ship the summer truffle to anywhere in India. You can ask for 30 grams packets, 60 grams packets or 100 grams packets. The store is able to customise and personalise your order. Packets of summer truffles can be created that you can send as gifts to your loved ones.

The summer truffles are grown between May and August. The summer truffles are not as pungent and full of aroma as the winter truffles. You will be very happy with the quality of the summer truffles supplied by PMRC Corporation. We are also able to supply summer truffles oil and summer truffles butter.

You can flavour your food using preserved summer truffles. These preserved summer truffles will be having a shelf life of one to two years. The truffles may be preserved whole. In this case the whole truffle is put into brine solution or into preservative solution. Chopped and sliced truffles are also preserved after being cleaned and brushed. The peel of the summer truffle can be removed before being chopped and sliced. Peeled truffles are also preserved. The peel is used in sauces, soups, oils, broths and for garnishing. Before preserving the truffles they can be brushed and this will make them clean and ready to use after taking them out of the preservative solution. Some of these summer truffles are flash frozen so that the preserving is done very quickly and this will preserve the aroma and flavour of the truffles.

After you buy preserved summer truffles you will need to take them out and dry them. This is to enhance the flavour. The remaining bottle of truffles can be refrigerated. You can also freeze the truffles for nearly two weeks. After the summer truffles are taken out of the preservative solution and dried, you can sauté the truffle in truffle oil or in truffle butter. Whole truffles can be sliced using a truffle slicer. Along with the sliced truffle or the peels of truffle you can add oil of truffle or butter of truffle. This will further add taste to your food.

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