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Humans need a scale and a device to measure all the physical quantities. Today, man has devised different measurement scales for measuring different kinds of quantities. The use of these devices or the measurement scales has helped the man a lot. With the development of life on this earth, man made more progress and in due course of time, he devised many more such measuring devices and scales that have helped him to find out more facts about his world. The discovery of scoville unit is an example of his endeavor to find out more hidden facts about his life. Now, what is scoville all about? Let’s find it out here.

Man, after mastering all the other field of his daily life, decided to find out some facts about his eating items and habits. The sharp taste of one of the most important ingredient of food, chili raised some questions in his mind. The more he tasted this spicy vegetable, the more he got surprised by is pungency factor. After much effort, Wilbur scoville devised a measuring scale for measuring the pungency level of these spicy vegetables. This device, today, is a well established device in our life that is being used successfully to measure the spicy level of different vegetables with sharp taste.  scoville, the scale of measuring the bitterness of these chilies is named after the founder of this device.

scoville is a measuring unit of the sharpness of the chilies. This device has been in use all over the world to measure the spiciness of the chilies. Recently, this scale has clearly discovered the spiciest and the strongest chili in the world. Naga Jolokia chili is the spiciest chili in the world. There was a tough competition between Red Savina Pepper and Naga Jolokia or Bhut Jolokia chili. People were not able to decide which was sharper in taste - Bhut Jolokia or Red Savina Pepper. After a number of tests and laboratory experiments, it was found that the Bhut Jolokia chili was far ahead of its nearest rival.

The first of its kind test was held at the Defense Research Laboratory in India. Here, the sharpness of the Jolokia chili was measured as 855,000 on the scoville unit scale. This rating was far ahead of the sharpness level of the Red Savina Pepper. Later Professor Paul Boseland conducted another test in the New Mexico City. This time the pungency level of the Jolokia chili was recorded even higher at 1,001,304 on the scoville unit. This amazing score of spiciness surprised everyone. This score put the Jolokia chili even ahead of its challenger.  It is now, established that Bhut Jolokia chili, a premium spice product from India, has the sharpest taste among all the spices.

This device works on the method of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This method identifies and finds out the heat producing capacity of different spices. The sharpness of all the edibles can be measured by this technique. The measurements that are obtained by the tests are then used for further study and then, the scientists use them to find out the sharpness level of the spices.


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