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Saffron Spice

The term saffron, came from the french term "Safran". Safron was first originated in Arabia, where it is known as za'ferân (Zafran). But the plant was brought to Spain in the eighth century. Today, Spain is one of the biggest producers and exporters of Saffron Spice, as well as India. Ounce per ounce, saffron is the world's costliest spice, but the origin of such a costly spice is quite interesting. The Saffron Spice is derived from a flower, found in the autumn-flowering perennial plant called sativus. The beautiful bluish violet flower bears three stigmas. These stigmas are collected and then dried.

That dried stigma is what we know as the Saffron Spice, which is used in cooking as a seasoning agent. The Saffron Spice also brings a very special color and flavour to the foods. That is why saffron is used in many exotic recipes all over the world.

The sativus normally favours hot, dry summers, but it can also withstand cold winter months with temperatures as low as 10°C below freezing, even it can stay under snow for a short period of time. It requires a generous amount of spring rains, averaging 40 to 60 inches of rainfall, especially during the springs. The Saffron Spice favours a drier summer, but for best results, ample amount of rains just before the harvesting is required. That makes the locations such as Kashmir, in India, very suitable for the Saffron Spice.

The taste is Saffron Spice is little bitter, but the flavour it brings to the foods is unparallel. It also gives the food a very warm and luminous orange yellow color. Saffron is widely used in  Iranian (Persian), Arab, Central Asian, European, Indian, and Turkish cuisines. Saffron is also used in many confectionaries and liquors.

Saffron is said to have a lot of medicinal uses also. Saffron is known to reduce the chances of heart diseases. Saffron is also high in thiamine and riboflavin, to minerals that are known to promote a healthy heart. Saffron is also used to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion, because it works to strengthen the nervous system. Saffron also is considered anti carcinogenic, which can prevent cancer and antioxidant like properties. Saffron is also used to die clothes and as a perfumery in specially India and china.

In India, Saffron Spice from PMRC Corporation is considered as one of the best and the purest forms of saffron. We are also one of the reputed dealerst of Saffron Spice from Kolkata. We market Saffron Spice from producers that have their own fully functional manufacturing and packaging plant. Their cleaning, shorting and packaging plant has received the prestigious ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and the GMP certifications by BMP (UK). The whole of the preparation process goes under very strict screening and testing to ensure the best quality benchmarks. The Saffron Spice is available in various pack sizes, suitable to the need of the consumers. Years of research and development have ensured that no one can tamper with the contents.

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