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Red Kidney Beans : We export red kidney beans throughout the year

Kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) as the name suggests, resemble human kidneys. In some places it is also called haricot beans, navy beans or pinto beans. In India, it is known by the name of Rajma. It grows in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Chickmaglur in Karnataka, Nilgiri Hills in Kerala, Darjeeling Hills in West Bengal as well as North Eastern states.

Kidney beans have several health benefits. 7 of them are given below:

  1. It is rich in fibers, both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Insoluble fibers cure constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

  2. It lowers the risk of heart attack not only because of the fiber content but also because of the presence of folate and magnesium.

  3. It stabilizes blood sugar levels in diabetics. It is a boon for insulin resistant and hypoglycemic people by providing a stable supply of energy.

  4. It is a very good low-calorie and fat-free source of iron. Hence it is much better than red meat.

  5. Vitamin B1 present in red beans is a good memory booster and plays a vital role in fighting and preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

  6. Kidneys beans have manganese which is vital in producing energy and keeping up the anti-oxidant processes at the cellular level.

  7. It is a rich source of protein which is a healthier option than red meat or dairy products as it is saturated fat-free and low calorie.

5 yummy dishes with red kidney beans:

Salad: Mix a can of drained and rinsed kidney beans, a cup of cooked elbow macaroni, chopped onions and half a cup of celery with light mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and black pepper powde. Keep in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Serve chilled.

Casserole: Cook a pound of ground meat and half a cup of bacon. Add the meats to a can each of drained kidney, lima, butter beans, pork and beans with onions, celery, ketchup, white wine vinegar, mustard, brown sugar and bake in a preheated oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees F.

Barbeque Beans: Cook bacon with ground meat and put it in a slow cooker. To it, add kidney beans with ketchup, vinegar and brown sugar. Then season with Worcestershire, sweet and sour sauce and honey-garlic sauce, garlic salt and onion powder. Cook for an hour.

Mexican Salad: Mix 1 can of drained kidney beans with chopped green and red bell peppers, onions with frozen kernals of corn. Pour a dressing of olive oil, red wine, lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, cumin and chilli powder, cilantro. Serve chilled.

Three Bean Salad: Mix 1 can each of drained kidney, black eye peas and chick peas with chopped red bell pepper, cucumber and cilantro. Pour a dressing made of extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and salad and vegetable seasonings. Mix well and serve.

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