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Punjabi Wedding

Enjoy Sangeet, mehndi, gidda, and bhangra with ChocoJaadu chocolates!

Punjabi weddings are normally full of pomp and show. There are several occasions when gifts are given and you can use chocolates from ChocoJaadu for gifting purposes. ChocoJaadu is totally dedicated to the satisfaction of the customer. There are several kinds of chocolates hand made at our company.  We are into making designer chocolates that have a superior taste.

During a Punjabi wedding there is a ceremony called Roka, which is like an engagement ceremony. There are others like Sagan and Chunni Chadana. During the Sagan ceremony gifts are exchanged. Chocolates from ChocoJaadu can be used. We can gift wrap them and the presentation will be very good. You can order for your chocolates by sending us an email at pmrccorp@gmail.com or by giving us a phone call : 91 98303 04437l.

There are different flavors of chocolate available. You might like the ChocoNuts and this will go well with other foods eatern during Punjabi wedding. There are good quality nuts and raisins used in these chocolates. ChocoChilli, with a chili taste will be nice to eat during the wedding aftermeals. FruityChoco, which is crunchy chocolate with fruity flavor, can be used in the gifts. ChocoDark is for those people who like old dark chocolate. Our chocolates are well wrapped and can be packed using lovely gift pouces and boxes. Feel free to discuss with us your requirements.

ChocoJaadu is making and selling hand made chocolates. Ingredients are chosen very carefully and then the chocolates are made. Best quality nuts, raw chocolates and other raw materials are used to make the chocolates. The chocolates while traveling to you will not melt. The courier service used by us is familiar with the handling requirements for these chocolates. You are free to order chocolates for your Punjabi wedding.

The chocolates are delivered to the customer in a fresh and pleasing condition. We have specialists for gift wrapping and the gift will be admired by the receiver. We have many customers and they are all satisfied with the taste of the chocolates. Our chocolates are being used as return gifts for parties and as presents during birthdays. The chocolates are made and stored in perfect hygiene conditions. We will be able to deliver the chocolates to your doorstep and you can use them for your Punjabi wedding. Attention to detail is our mantra and we are particular about giving our customer the best. None of our customers are dissatisfied with us and we are happy about this. Children also like our chocolates and parents come back to buy more chocolates for their young ones. What are you waiting for? Order chocolates from ChocoJaadu now! We are able to give discounts to bulk orders and our delivery is always on time.

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