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Naga Jolokia

In the North Eastern states of India some real hot chili plants grow. This chili is used by the people in their spicy food. This chili makes their food very hot and tasty. The naga jolokia chili has been growing in the North Eastern part of India for several years. Farmers know that even if they touch the chili seeds, the tanginess of the chili is transferred to their hands. This naga jolokia chili is extremely hot 1M+ Scoville value. This means that even if extremely small amount of the chili is used in food then the food becomes quite flavorful.

PMRC Corporation is one of the chili companies operating from Kolkata, India. We are exporting naga jolokia chili for quite some time now. We procure from where they grow the chili and then market the chili to the world world to be used as part of their spices in food. Mexican cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Italian food can use this chili in various forms. You can use the naga jolokia chili flakes on your yummy pizza. Naga jolokia powder can be used in your mince pie and in your stew. The chili will enhance the flavor of the food and the food can be more enjoyable.

Moreover capsaicin extracted from the naga jolokia chili is used in some topical ointments. This chili is good for the stomach and prevents ulcers. Of course very small amounts of the hot naga jolokia chili can only be eaten. In extremely warm places with very high temperatures this naga jolokia can be used to bring perspiration in the body. Medically this chili is quite a boon to mankind.

PMRC Corporation is marketing naga jolokia chili in the form of chili pods, chili powder, chili paste, and chili flakes. The chili pods after being picked from the farms are dried to a certain extent and these are packed to be sold to customers. These can be shipped to you as per your requirement. The packaging details can be worked out as per your convenience. We will be able to put the processed naga jolokia chili in polypropylene foil sachets. The dried pods can be grounded to make chili powder. Chili powder can be suitably used to make African and Asian curries.

There are other products from PMRC Corporation. The stalk from the naga jolokia chili pods is removed and then the pods are dried. Then these chili pods are crushed to produce the chili flakes. You can use these chili flakes on your curries, cheese pasta, pepperoni pizza, and oriental soups.We also sell paste from the chili pods.. You can get them delivered in package sizes of your choice. There is another very exclusive product for the naga jolokia chili and that is the salted mash. The chili pods are used to create a mash and then some salt is added. The salted mash on maturation develops a unique flavor that is loved by many in their food.

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