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Naga Jolokia Seeds

As per the Guinness Book of World Records, naga jolokia chili is the hottest chili in the world. These hot chilies are grown in the north-eastern states of India. Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur are the major states in India where these premium spices are grown. There is no doubt that the naga jolokia seeds are also supposed to be the most integral part of these chilies. You need not taste many Nagao Jolokia seeds, only a few seeds can create a tremendous effect in your mouth that can be never pleasant to your tongue.

These naga jolokia seeds are very pungent in their characteristics. These seeds are known for their sharp taste all over the world. People all over the world are well aware of the qualities of the chilies and their seeds. Today, these naga jolokia chilies are grown in many parts of the world; however, you can get the best type of chilies and naga jolokia seeds from the products from Assam and Nagaland. Like the chilies, these naga jolokia seeds are also known for their sharp taste and spicy aroma. Not only that, these seeds also carry all the medicinal values of the chilies and therefore, are very much in use by the people world over.

At PMRC Corporation, we export all the major products of these naga jolokia chilies. We value every product equally ad pay very good attention towards their quality. Like all other products of these naga jolokia chilies or Bhut Jolokia seeds like flakes, pods, and powders, naga jolokia seeds are also very much in use by the people for its characteristics. Therefore, these hot seeds are also in great demand from our clients all over. As a matter of fact, many uses of these naga jolokia seeds have made it a very important product for us and we pay very serious attention for its production and marketing.  The production process is very clean and hygienic and the processing of these seeds is absolutely free from any chemicals. 
The whole environment of these manufacturing plants is taken very good care by experts. They maintain a very clean and contamination free environment there, so that the products do not receive any threat of pollution. The naga jolokia seeds are taken out from freshly picked chilies and therefore, they preserve all the natural ingredients in the best possible form. Moreover, no use of any chemical preservative maintains all the natural properties of these seeds in the best possible manner.

It fully managed by expert technicians who are very experienced in all the aspects of the production of these naga jolokia seeds. Their proper care preserves the sharp taste and all the medicinal values intact. This ensures that all the naga jolokia seeds give you same taste and flavor for which they are known all over the world.  It is worth mentioning that these Jolokia chili seeds are the best alternatives for these Bhut Jolokia chilies.

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