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Naga Chilli

In a Thai restaurant they are able to make exquisitely hot food. They are able to serve you food without chilli too and also food with less chilli. The coconut, lemon grass and chilli used in Thai cuisine gives the food a unique and lovely flavour. Thai food made with chilli paste, duck meat made using chilli flakes, chicken starters, and chicken for the main course made using chilli pods are all very tasty and hot.

PMRC Corporation is a company based in Kolkata, India. We are into trading of naga chilli. This chilli that grows in the North Eastern part of India, probably finds the weather and soil, suitable for its growth. In 2007 Naga chilli entered the Guinness Word Records due to its pungency measured in excess of one million Scoville units. This chilli is a very strong chilli and has many medicinal uses. From naga chilli, capsaicin can be extracted and capsaicin is used in topical ointments. As such PMRC Corporation is marketing this rather hot chilli in the form of a paste, as a powder, as pods, and as chilli flakes.

The naga chilli pods are plucked from the farms and then sent to factories for processing. The chilli pods are then dried in controlled temperature of around 60 degree centigrade. 6 to 8 % moisture remains after the pods have been dried. These chilli pods are packeted and sent to the buyer. People can pickle these pods or they can be used in other pickles along with other ingredients. The chilli pods are also ground. This naga chilli powder can be used in Indian curries to make them hot. This chilli powder can be used to make pickles and to flavour stews. Fish flavoured with naga chilli powder might go very well with white wine!!

After drying, the chilli pods are used to produce chilli flakes that have become very useful the world over in several kinds of cuisine. Whether its pizza or Mexican food you can use some chilli flakes to enhance the flavours. Chilli paste is also sold packed in polypropylene bags and in pouches made with foil used inside the pouch. You can ask for packing as per your requirement. We are also marketing salted mash made from the naga chilli. The mash with salt has a very distinctive flavour and has been made using special techniques. Buyers are free to ask for the mash in pouches as required.

Restaurants and the food industry are regularly buying our chilli in the form of paste, flakes, and chilli powder. We offer competitive prices and have many satisfied customers. We are able to promptly deliver the chilli to you.

Go and with confidence place an order for Naga chilli from PMRC Corporation, email us at

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