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Naga Chili

Naga chili is the hottest chilli ever found on this earth. If you have a push for a burn on your tongue with a heavenly delicacy blended, Nag Chili will surely gratify your taste bud. Really, it is like those joyrides which all fear to go for. But, it’s an inescapable desire. It is better not to be over smart with this ethnic Indian spice. The foodstuff is also popular as Bhut Jolokia, Dorset Naga and Naga Morich. It was declared as the world’s hottest chilli in the year of 2007.

The measuring unit of chilli is Scoville. Now according to Scoville scale, naga chili went up to the mark of 1,041,427! That’s really amazing! This chilli food is primarily found in Assam which is on the north-eastern region of India. It is a very well-known foodstuff among the tribal people of this region. But with the advance of globalization, it is spreading fast as a global food item. In north-eastern India region, the food is cooked in various ways. With only two of these chillis, twelve average size burgers can be made and they are unbelievably piquant. It is next to impossible to gulp down all of these burgers as they get extremely hot with the chillis. One chilli seed can bring on burning sensation on the tongue which lasts for half an hour. The food items combined with naga chili produces a scorching delicacy and that has been an uniqueness of the regional dishes.

But there are other facts about this naga chili that are equally fascinating. The item is used as a remedy to stomach ailments. Local people often use it as a medicine. The more interesting the fact is, naga chili is used as preclusion for elephants. These peppers are used on fences and as smoke bombs to keep away elephants. Indian defense scientists are even working to use these chillis in hand grenades. Just imagine the height of heat of the food!

Naga chili, also known as Bhoot Jolokia Chilli is available in whole dry pods, powder, flakes, paste, and salted mash that you can add to any foodstuff to enhance the taste. The whole dry pods are prepared with immense care and through classy procedure. The naga chilis are born in a pollution-free environment. The powder and other products are manufactured from freshly picked pods. Then the pods are crushed and pasted in a normal atmosphere free from dust and smoke. Then the products are distributed in bags and pouches according to consumers’ needs. No added colors or chemicals are added at any stage.

However, while holding naga chili, one has to be very cautious as the part of the body that comes into a contact with this pepper will instantly start to pain. So a pair of gloves is highly recommended to wear while holding the naga chili.

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