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The Blend of Aroma And Flavor - Kesar

Saffron, zaffran or Kesar, as it is variedly known is actually the stigma of the saffron crocus flower. It is a member of the Iridaceae family of plants. The presence of the substance called picrocrocin and safranal lends to Kesar its characteristic smell and flavor. Kesar varies in color from reddish-orange to golden yellow. 

Physical Attributes:
The Kesar plant grows upto a height of about 40cm during the summers, but the flowers begin to bloom and produce their stigmas only in the autumn. The flowers are beautifully colored in rich purple. It is not the flower but the three tongued stigma of about 30 mm in height that provides us with the rich spice of Kesar.

Kesar is by far one of the most expensive spices of the world. It owes its birth to the southwest Asian countries. Proper climatic as well soil conditions need to be maintained during cultivation so as to bring out the flavor of the spice and also to achieve the desired length of the Kesar stigmas. The original saffron plant is a native to the wilds, but they are carefully chosen and cultivated under controlled conditions in order to allow the world to enjoy its distinctive flavor.

Uses of Kesar
Kesar is the Indian name given to the southwest Asian spice of Saffron. It has a variety of uses, namely the following:

  1. Kesar is used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages.

  2. It is also used as a spice while cooking food. Certain dishes, for instance, the various styles of Biriyani cannot be cooked in the absence of this essential spice.

  3. Kesar is known to have medicinal attributes. It is believed that when consumed with hot milk it helps to cure body aches, fever or injuries. It is also a common Indian belief, that kesar mixed with milk should be regularly given to expectant mothers, so as to give the new-born a fair skin.

  4. Keeping in mind the Indian obsession with fair skin, kesar is also used nowadays in cosmetics to help lighten the complexion.

  5. In ancient Chinese civilization Kesar was used to impart aroma to wine.

  6. Originally, Kashmiri Kesar was also used as a dying agent.

It is said that the famous Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra used to regularly bath with milk mixed with kesar to enhance her beautiful skin and also to improve her love life. Earlier it was only the privilege of the rich to use this spice but now it is easily available to everyone through a number of retail outlets operating throughout the world.

Where to buy Kesar from?
PMRC Corporation is one such company, which promises to provide the best quality of Kesar to its customers. We deal with only Kesar with purest quality. Our saffron has thicker and longer deep-red strands signifying the best quality of taste and aroma. Only a pinch of this high quality of saffron is enough to add the desired flavor to any dish or beverage. These Kesar strands are packaged in small, transparent air tight containers to protect them from moisture and dirt. The foil pack ensured that the quality and aroma of these strands is preserved until it reaches the customers and until the last strand of Kesar is used from this box.

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