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Jolokia Seeds

Jolokia seeds – the hottest breed of chili pepper now available online

A single jolokia seed can induce burning sensation in your mouth for half an hour – such is the power of the bhut jolokia – the hottest chili on earth. Bhut jolokia or the Naga jolokia is rated as the hottest chili by the Guinness World Records in February of 2007. Bhut Jolokia that is primarily grown in the northeastern state of Assam in India is known for ages for its pungent qualities. The chili apart from being used to spice up the Indian curries is also used for treating stomach ailments. Since the western countries have discovered the benefits of the jolokia seeds, the popularity of the Bhut jolokia has increased manifold. Though the jolokia is being grown at many part of the world, it is Assam from where you get the most genuine jolokia seeds.

At PMRC Corporation, we are promoting the bhut jolokia chili and in different forms throughout India and all over the world. We market the jolokia seeds at completely chemical and contaminant free environment. While growing the jolokia chili, there is no use any type chemical substance to ensure the natural properties of the chili. We make sure that the bhut jolokia chili that we provide you is genuine and give you the same taste and flavor for which the jolokia seeds are famous around the world. We offer you the famous jolokia seeds in different forms.

Whole Dry Pods – The dry pods are prepared from the freshly picked up jolokia chili that is produced in the chemical free environment.

Powder - We also market jolokia powder that is largely used for cooking. The powder of the jolokia chili is produced from the dried pods that are made from fresh jolokia picked from the farm.

Flakes – We market the flakes from the fresh and dried naga jolokia chili.

Paste – We market the paste of the bhut jolokia with the concentration of the genuine and natural bhut jolokia chili.

Salted Mash – We also markert the salted mash from the bhut jolokia chili.

So, if you are willing to taste the world famous jolokia chili you have all the options at As you can see we are offering all the possible varieties and these products are offered in different quantities. So you can order the bhut jolokia according to your requirement. Moreover, as we procure the jolokia seeds at Assam which is the breeding ground of the bhut jolokia chili – you can be rest assured of the quality of the chili that you get from us.

Call us at 91 98303 04437 to order jolokia seeds from PMRC Corporation.

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