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Italian Truffles

Italian truffles are the aromatic winter white truffles that are full of flavour. They are also called the Alba truffles. This winter white truffles have a lovely flavour and they are used to add flavour to the pastas, pizzas, soups, and breads. These white truffles are more expensive than the black truffles, also found in Italy. The Italian truffles grow underground and are found five to six inches below the ground. There are as many as ten varieties of truffles found in Italy. These differ in their texture, taste, size, colour and aroma.

Italian truffles are of the black truffle variety that grows in the Umbria region of Italy. The size of this black truffle might vary from the size of a grape to the size of a potato. They normally grow underground. White truffles are generally harvested between the months of October to January.

There are several ways in which you can preserve these fresh Italian truffles. The whole truffles can be put into a brine solution or a preservative for storing the Italian truffles. The truffles can be chopped and sliced before being preserved. This means that the truffles are cleaned and can be used in the savouries directly. You can buy truffles preserved along with the peel or can buy truffles that are peeled and preserved. The truffles might be brushed and cleaned and then preserved. Flash freezing is also quick freezing in order to preserve the aroma in the truffles.

The preserved Italian truffles should not be consumed as is. Take the truffles out of the brine solution and dry it on a piece of paper. Then you can sauté the truffle in truffle butter or truffle oil to enhance the flavour. This will enhance the taste and the smell of the truffle! You can then slice, peel and use the truffle as you wish and as your imagination will guide you. Cooks and chefs are using Italian truffle to garnish meats, steaks, pies, pizza, bread and sausage rolls. You can garnish your soup and stew with Italian truffle.

If you are ordering for fresh Italian truffle then you will see that you need to use and finish them quickly. Use the truffle within one to three days and this will preserve the freshness and aroma of the truffle. After this the truffle will start to wilt and loose its aroma. Avoid washing and brushing the truffles until the day when you will use it to garnish your food. You can wrap the truffle in paper towel or cloth to maintain its aroma. You can use a paper bag or absorbent towel to wrap the Italian truffles and store them in the refrigerator.

PMRC Corporation sells Italian truffle in the form of whole truffles, truffle butter, truffle oil and preserved truffle. Email us at the amount of truffle you require and the store will drop ship it to you. We are able to ship the Italian truffles to anywhere in India. Buy Italian truffle from PMRC Corporation store now!

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