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Hottest Pepper

Assam, a North Eastern state of India is the birthplace of the world’s hottest pepper, locally known as Bhut Jolakia. If translated in English, it would be ghost Chilli, clearly signifying the intensity of hotness of the chilli pepper it is used as a common foodstuff by the local residents. They mix it with the sauces that add tang to their dishes. It is also eaten raw. The pepper is so raw that the tasting experience is like dying!

The Bhoot Jolakia is recorded as the hottest chilli of the world in Guinness Book of World Records. Even if you bite a tad of this hottest pepper, you will not be able to want more of it. A bit of raw pepper causes watery eyes and running nose. Consumption of an entire hottest chilli causes literally an attack on the senses.

But the most exciting fact is local inhabitants have been using the hottest pepper since the primordial time and they are quite habituated to the taste. Moreover, the hottest pepper Bhoot Jolakia is used as a cure of myriad stomach ailments. It is again a matter of amazement that the hottest pepper is used as a defiant to the scorching warmth of the area in summer. Eating the ghost chilli, their body gets hot and the surroundings get cool for them.

But how the Ghost Chilli or Naga Chilli (another name) can be given the adjective hottest? Well, Scoville Unit is the measurement unit of the nippiness for a foodstuff. In that way of measurement, Ghost Chilli or Naga Chilli mounts above 1,000,000 S.U. while the nearest competitor scores somewhere around 5,00,000 S.U. The tartness is basically measured by the amount of capasaicin, which contributes the chilli taste any foodstuff. The previous Guinness Book record holder food was Red Savina Hebenero which contained about 580,000 S.U.

As the Nag Chilli, world’s hottest pepper, has grown extremely popular because of the Guinness Book Records, the farmers are attempting to produce more and more of it to export internationally. Ripe peppers are normally 60  to 85 mm long and 25 to 30 mm wide. The hottest chilli of the world mostly comes in two colors, red and orange. It is an erratic plant with a wide variety of fruit sizes. The amount of fruit production also varies to a large extent.

The hottest chilli of the world has earned high popularity among the leading chefs of India. It will satisfy your taste nevertheless but you should have that much of courage to consume the hottest chilli of the world. It is really assaulting to the senses of a human being!!

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