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Get Hot with our Hottest chilli

It has become almost accepted by all that Bhut Jolokia or Naga chili is the Hottest chilli of the world till date. Those who have stronger taste buds and have tested enough spices have certified Naga or Bhut Jolakia as the Hottest chilli ever on the earth. It has been termed as ‘ghost chili’ by the Western media because of its name ‘Bhut’ and probably because of its taste as well.

These chilis are usually grown in the north-East region of India. States like Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram are in the leading position in producing the Hottest chilli. These chilis have been termed as ‘bhut chili’ probably because of their extreme taste. This chili is very sharp and hot in taste. Depending on various records available these days it can be said that it was declared as the Hottest chilli in 2006. Even Guinness Book of World Records has accepted it as the Hottest chilli ever found across the world. According to Scoville Unit (SU) this product has a measurement of hotness of more than 1,000,000 S.U while its nearest competitor Red Savina has is rated as 577,000S.U.

People almost start crying in pain that last around an hour immediately after eating this. Hottest chilli is also used to drive away surging elephants. Because of its unique taste and spicy ingredients it has become extremely popular. It is also available in some different forms such as flakes, paste, salted mash, powder and dry pods which you can apply while cooking to enhance the taste of the food.

These pods are then grown in a chemical free environment. The dry pods are produced with great care and in a very advanced and sophisticated manner. The paste and powder products are manufactured from fresh pods. Then the pods are grounded and pasted in an atmosphere that is completely natural and pure. After that the products are packed into different packages depending on the requirement of the customers. The entire process includes no chemicals or artificial elements and is purely natural. All these products can give you the flavor of the Hottest chilli of the world.

After going through this article we think you have had enough idea of the Hottest chilli in the earth. But if you want to use it or any product made out of it you should be cautious. It is suggested that you should always gloves while handling it and do not ever rub your eyes by mistake before washing the hands.

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