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Hot chilli

Known as the hottest chili all over the world, Bhut jolokia is a premium spice product from north-eastern India. It is a type of hot chilli that has earned the reputation of being a premium spice from Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland.  This hot chilli has been scientifically termed as Capsicum Chinese Jacq. People of local area call it by various names. The other names of this special type of hot chilli are king cobra chilli, Nagahari, Raja Mirchi, Naga Morich, Dorset Naga etc. The scientists are very much interested to find out the origin of these hottest chillies and therefore, many scientific researches have been made in this manner. 

As far as the spiciness or hotness of this hot chilli is concerned, there had been a sharp competition between Bhut jolokia and Red Savina pepper. Therefore, to decide the hotter of these two premium spices, some laboratory tests were also held. The latest laboratory test that was held in Defense Research Laboratory in India, the result went in favor of Bhut jolokia. The sharpness of its taste was measured as 855,000 on the Scoville scale, the official scale for measuring the sharpness or pungency of a spice. As far as international researches are concerned, another research was held in New Mexico State University in 2005 where it was found the reading even higher at 1,001,304 which is absolutely phenomenal and it was far ahead of its nearest rival Red Savina pepper.

This hot chilli from India is in great demand from all over the world. We prepare many varieties of these premium spice product. The different products of these spices include flakes, pastes, powder, and pods. Most of these varieties are available all the year round. All these products of this premium hot chilli are sent to different parts of the world as per the required order from our clients. We always keep ourselves ready with our stocks so that the supply of these premium products never stops. Our clients are scattered in almost every country. All the products of this hot chilli are highly admired and appreciated by our clients and users. It is matter of great joy for us and also for our business that the demand of these products is increasing with the time. The main attractions of this hot chilli are its sharp taste and strong flavor. 

The manufacturing process of this hot chilli is very much scientific as we do not make any compromise in any aspect of its production. The entire cultivation process is maintained by trained and qualified agricultural scientists who have a very comprehensive knowledge of this hot chilli and its requirements. The efficient cultivators are also very caring about the different aspects of their work and they always follow the directions that are given to them by expert scientists. The preservation of this hot chilli is also done with total scientific methods so that no part of the production goes wasted.  

The highly developed laboratories are fully capable of making all required researches to take care of the rare spices from India. The scientists have found that a slight change in the atmospheric conditions can make this hot chilli a bit friendly to the tongue. It was found that the pungency level went down by 50 per cent when this hot chilli was gown in the arid temperature of Gwalior.

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