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Dry Rose Petals

Rose, especially red rose, holds an ever lasting impression of love and romance. PMRC Corporation is a leader in trading and export of dried rose petals. Our dry rose petals have clients from many industries like food and beverage, ayurveda, pharma, beauty care etc. Dry rose petals can be used for many home purposes like

  • Making rose water
  • Making bath item / body wash
  • Making face pack
  • Making tea
  • Making cookies, cakes

Our dry rose petals come in packages of 1 KG AND 5 KG. We sell throughout India and world. If you are an individual end user or reseller of dry rose petals, get in touch with us -

Email pmrccorp@gmail.com

Call or Whatsapp – 91 87777 32045 / 91 98303 04437 / 91 98303 04839

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