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Chilli Seeds

Hottest chilli seeds from PMRC Corporation

Named after the ferocious warriors of Nagaland and so searingly hot, the Bhut Jolokia or Naga chilli is jestingly termed , “where’s the water hose chilli,” or the “get the ambulance chilli” and is the hottest pepper in the world with intensity measuring over a million Scoville units (the measure for hotness).

PMRC Corporation is a dealer of Naga chilli seeds procured from the North-East Indian states. These chilli seeds, planted predominantly in Nagaland, Assam and Manipur are cultivated through fertilizers. The Bhut Jolokia emerges synonymous to the Bih Jolokia and other similar titles such as the Naga Morich. That one breed of chilli seeds can give rise to a cross-hybrid of names is interesting as are the properties that the germination of these chilli seeds proliferate: -- not only can these chilli seeds be used to create peppers that cure stomach ailments, these chilli seeds should be ingested with care and kept at a distance from the eyes. Also, the Naga Jolokia may be used to induce perspiration on a hot day as a means of cooling down and are used on fences and in smoke-bombs to keep wild elephants at bay.

Naga chilli seeds are suitable for the extraction of a high level of capsaicin. The Bhut chilli seeds give rise to pepper which are developed into pods, pastes, flakes. Pods are developed when the seeds are taken unstalked and refined without the added uses of chemical. Pastes come from the assimilation of the seeds into a mixture and may be sold again according to customer requirements. Flakes are created by drying unstalked pod.

Chilli seeds are the hottest part of the pepper and should be ingested sparingly according to personal tastes. Although there are myriad kinds of associations to the chilli seed, it is interesting to note that one of the uses, apart from being a culinary ingredient and a cure for certain types of ailments, may be its utilization as a pesticide to keep pests at bay. Indeed, in Latin American countries, new houses, before inhabitation are painted with a paste made from chilli seeds.

An interesting concoction that may be used as pesticide made out of chilli seeds follows thus: 5 cups of chilli seeds are boiled in three litres of water after which the pan is removed from the flame and another 3 litres of water added. This mix is then filtered through a cloth and soap is added to it. Voila! You have your pesticide!

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