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chhau masks
chhau masks
chhau masks


Chhau Masks

Chhau is a form of dance that has become very popular in West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa. The Chhau dance has its origins in Mayurbhanj in Orissa. This form of dance was performed during the end of Chaitra, which are March-April months. The locals gathered around the dancers for entertainment, in awe, and in reverence. Various episodes from the epics where taken and communicated to the people using the Chhau dance. episodes from Ramayana, Mahabharata, and also from the Puranas where used in the Chhau dance.

Various kinds of drums where used during the Chhau dance. The expectation from the Chhau dance was to drive away the evil forces and let the righteousness prevail among the people. Beating of drums signified the starting of the dance and this was followed by the invocation of the lord Ganesha. Colorful clothes where worn for the dance. The use of Chhau masks was also popular.

Paper, mud, and clay are used to make the Chhau masks. The masks are painted in pastel shades and have a frank, simple, and bold look. The effectiveness, originality, and beauty of the Chhau dance are dependant on the Chhau masks. Each mask represents a character from the epics, the Puranas, and from mythology. The eye- brows, mouth, and eyes are painted to give those special effects and give completeness to the looks of the Chhau dancers.

There are three variations of the Chhau dance depending on the place from where it comes. The Seraikella Chhau, Mayurbhanj Chhau, and Purulia Chhau are the three different variations of Chhau dance performed in three different states of Eastern India. Seraikella Chhau is from Jharkhand. Purulia Chhau is performed in West Bengal. Mayurbhanj Chhau is performed in Orissa. The Chhau masks are used for the Seraikella Chhau and Purulia Chhau and normally not used in the Mayurbhanj Chhau.

You can buy our Chhau masks and use them for the Chhau dance being organized locally in your area. During festivals Chhau dance can be performed anytime of the year as a form of entertainment. Dancers from Mayurbhanj, Purulia, and Seraikella can also travel for the cultural festivals and perform there. The Chhau masks are now available for you to buy online. These colorful, decorative, and innovative masks can be used to decorate your home. Some people decorate the entrance to their house using these Chhau masks. Chhau masks are also a perfect gift item. They epitomize roots of Indian culture, represent epic characters, and are in a way revered by the makers of these Chhau masks. The bright colors used, the time spent by the artist to make the Chhau mask, and the diligence that goes in making the masks is admirable.

While traveling to a different country you can carry these Chhau masks and gift them to your friends. The receiver will be immensely pleased with the features of the masks, their colors, and vibrancies. You can now order online for these Chhau masks here to be delivered as a gift to a near and dear person. The Chhau masks will brighten up your room where they are decorated. They will go very well with ethnic décor!

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