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Buy Vanilla Beans

Vanilla bean from PMRC Corporation

PMRC Corporation promises to provide you with the best quality of long vanilla bean for the most reasonable price. These vanilla beans are carefully packaged for wholesale shipment in bulk and also for retail customers.

Derived from the Venus Vanilla orchids of Mexico the vanilla bean is the second most expensive spice in the world. Topping the list of expensive spices is Saffron or Kesar. Being a rare commodity a little vanilla can work wonders for any type of dish. The appearance of vanilla beans are not attractive enough, however, the aroma and flavor that it imparts to the recipe make up for it.
Vanilla bean is characterized by a woody-smoky complex flavor that has the capability to transform your dishes into an exotic preparation. Coupled with your culinary expertise this spice can make every party, dinner, luncheon or meal one of its kind and special.

Vanilla beans can be used in a varied number of ways:
Vanilla bean can be put to a variety of purposes ranging from commercial to domestic. Among them the more pronounced uses of vanilla beans are as follows:

  1. Vanilla bean is extensively used in baking cakes and pastries. Vanilla bean is also used in making Caramel, chocolates, custards and even beverages like coffee.

  2. Vanilla bean oils and essence are a potent medium for aromatherapy. These essential oils help to get one relaxed and de-stressed.

  3. Vanilla is used in the industry of cosmetics for the manufacture of perfumes and toiletries. Nowadays a vanilla crème massage or a vanilla oil foot massage or whole body massage are new ways to pamper one’s body.

  4. Vanilla bean is also known to have medical properties. The vanilla essence oil is known to help in curing fevers and infections caused by bacteria.

Care Of Vanilla Beans
If kept properly in an air-tight container a vanilla bean may last at least a year or two. Care should be taken not to overcook vanilla beans when used as a flavoring agent. The beans should be sliced open with a knife and then the seeds should be used as a spice along with the bean pod.

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