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Buht Jolokia

The buht jolokia [commonly spelled Bhut Jolokia] has developed its popularity and has become a favourite chilli. In 2007 it entered the Guinness book of world records as being the hottest chilli. The fact remains that the buht jolokia has a Scoville unit value of over a million and this means the chilli is very hot. This chilli originated in the North Eastern states of India i.e. Assam and Nagaland. Here the climate is suitable for this shrub which grows to a height of 120 cm. The farmers who work on these buht jolokia farms have to be very careful and wash their hands continuously after working with the buht jolokia chilli.

The buht jolokia is used to make ointments and also in stomach ailments related drugs. Then this buht jolokia mixed with water, if boiled, will result in a liquid that can be used as a natural pesticide. Buht jolokia in the warmer places is used to induce sweating. This will make the person sweat and feel cooler. The buht jolokia is also being used to drive away animals. Elephants and other animals that might cause havoc in the field are driven away by spraying some of this buht jolokia in the bushes or fences. Paprika is also made from this buht jolokia. The world over, people have realised that this buht jolokia will bring much taste and flavour to your food. They have started using buht jolokia in a suitable forms in their food. The pungency of the buht jolokia that grows in the North Eastern part of India is the best in quality. This buht jolokia might grow in the rest of India and here the pungency will not be as sharp as that of the one growing in the North East of India. The humid and rainy climate of the North Eastern India is important for the growing of buht jolokia with the right kind of pungency.

After plucking the pods from the shrubs they are processed in the factories before they reach you. The pods are pickled to be sent to the buyers. These pods are also dried and then crushed to make the buht jolokia flakes. The dried pods are finely crushed to make the buht jolokia powder. The buht jolokia pods are also used to make salted mash which is bought by our several customers. This buht jolokia spice is used to make your food hot and give a special flavour to the food. The buht jolokia is most suitable for Indian cuisine. Almost anywhere where there is requirement of chilli this buht jolokia can be used. A small amount will give a burning sensation in your mouth.

PMRC Corporation is into retailing of spices. We are able to fulfill all your buht jolokia requirements. You can buy buht jolokia in the form of powder, paste, mash, flakes and pods from us. We will pack the spices in one kilogram pouches or in smaller size pouches. We can also customise the packets as per your requirements. Our store can provide cardamom, cumin, pepper, turmeric, chilli, garlic and natural vanilla.

Challenging your taste buds to try our Buht Jolokia, email for ordering!!

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