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Black Truffle

You can buy black truffle from PMRC Corporation. The flavour and taste of the black truffle will be retained while shipping it to you. The entire black truffle has been imported from Italy and France. We are able to import only small quantities of this delicate flavour for you as it grows in small amounts. PMRC Corporation is able to supply fresh truffle, truffle oil, truffle butter and preserved black truffle.

You can order online for all your black truffle requirements and we will drop ship it to you. Our online store has been selling good quality spices and our support team is very friendly. We are able to answer all your pre purchase queries. Black truffle is found throughout Europe. It grows more easily in Italy. The truffle is called as “Scorzone” in Italy. The truffle has a skin texture like that of an alligator and taste that is similar to that of hazelnut. The size of these black truffles varies from a marble to the size of a golf ball. The Italian Summer black truffle grows in abundance between May and August and has much flavour.

You can use black truffle oil to garnish your salads. The black truffle butter can be put on a toast or on a stew to enhance flavours. The black truffle butter can be used as a base to make some special sauces. Chefs and food gourmets love this black truffle for all the flavour it can impart to the steaks and pies. Black truffle can be used over tarts after you finish baking them. You can use fresh truffle or preserved truffle over baked meat or fish to give the food that special flavour provided by black truffle. Black truffle along with Parmesan cheese is used to make a truffle sauce. This Parmesan cheese truffle sauce is used in pastas, soups, and in salads.

PMRC Corporation is able to drop ship the black truffle to any address in the world. The store will promptly send you the well packaged black truffle after receiving your order. You can purchase packets of 30 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams containing black truffle. You can also give us your preferred packet size and we can customize the delivery of black truffle for you. You can send this lovely flavouring as a gift to a near and dear one. They will admire your choice of black truffle and use it liberally to flavour their food.

Black truffle grows in the winter months in Italy, Spain and France. The period around November to March is best suited for this winter black truffle. You will find that winter black truffle grows in the shades of oak trees, chestnut elm, hazelnut and poplar trees. Fresh black truffles are expensive and they are also available in limited quantities. The winter black truffle is popular because of its earthly flavour. The taste of winter black truffle is said to be a combination of chocolate and earth. Your food will become more appetising because of the flavour of this winter black truffle.

Order your black truffle supplies from PMRC Corporation website store, email us at

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