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Bih Jolokia

Bih jolokia is from the Capsicum Chinense family. Bih jolokia is called by many names. Some of the common names are Bhut jolokia, Bih jolokia, Nagahari, Raja Mircha, Raja chilli or Borbih jolokia. Bih jolokia translates to 'poison chilli' in Assamese spoken in the state of Assam. Bhut Jolokia translates to 'Ghost chilli' maybe as a result of the ghostly bite. Raja Mircha means 'King of Chillies' and this bih jolokia is really the king among all the chillies. In 2007 this bih jolokia was declared to be more than one million Scoville units hot and hence the hottest chilli. It entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 as the hottest chilli.

The bih jolokia has a great pungency because of which it is so famous. The pungency depends on the place and environment in which this bih jolokia is growing. The bih jolokia from Assam, Nagaland and Mizoram is with highest pungency as compared to the bih jolokia that grows in the plains elsewhere in India. The capsaicin extracted from the bih jolokia is very useful. This bih jolokia is used to make medicines, especially some medicines used for stomach ailments. This bih jolokia is used to induce sweating and hence keep the person cool in summer. It might also be sprayed on the fences and this keeps the wild animals away. It is also used to make paprika. Bih jolokia boiled with water will produce a liquid which when sprayed on plants can act as a pesticide.

The bih jolokia pods are dried and pickled. These pickled pods have a good market. The bih jolokia pods are dried and then a powder is made. This bih jolokia powder is used in food to give that special taste. The dried bih jolokia pods are used to make the chilli flakes used in stews and soups. We also use bih jolokia to make a paste and we sell this paste which can be used in food and also to make pesticides. The bih jolokia is also sold as a salted mash. We pack these bih jolokia products in pouches of one kilo grams weight and also smaller pouches. Customers can suggest pouch sizes and we are able to provide customized packaging. The other ingredients like jalapenos, capsicum, onions, and sauces are not able to spice up the food in the same way as bih jolokia.

PMRC Corporation has been retailing in spices throughout India and abroad. You can also buy natural vanilla from us. The products we sell come from small farms where these spices are grown in a natural way. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. The farms have people working in them in hygenic environment. Our spices are clean and pure. We are able to drop ship the spices to anywhere in the world. You can buy the bih jolokia paste, bih jolokia powder, bih jolokia flakes, bih jolokia salted mash and bih jolokia pods. We would like to sell this bih jolokia to the various retail houses too. Order online now for all your requirements for the bih jolokia and we will get it delivered to you!

Bih Jolokia – wonder chilli from Assam - email us at to procure now.

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