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Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Bhut jolokia seeds are used to grow the bhut jolokia pods on farms in the North Eastern part of India. From PMRC Corporation, you can get bhut jolokia seeds that are used to do farming of bhut jolokia. Bhut jolokia is the world’s hottest chili and is measured over one million Scoville units. Bhut jolokia seeds have entered the Guinness Word Records as being very hot for normal humans. Other hot chili like jalapeno, Thai chili, and Red Savina Habanero are much lower down in the Scoville units.

The farmers who are planting these bhut jolokia seeds in the organic farms is advised to wash their hands after planting these seeds. The bhut jolokia seeds would soon lead to the bhut jolokia pods. The pods then are plucked carefully by the farmers and collected. Here the pods are dried under controlled temperature.

PMRC Corporation has realized that this bhut jolokia seeds are of great use to humans. PMRC Corporation has been marketing bhut jolokia seeds as whole dry pods, powder, flakes, paste, and salted mash. We use very modern techniques to produce all the marketable forms of bhut jolokia seeds. We are aware that no chemical fertilizers are used and we rely only on organic ways of farming.

Bhut jolokia chili is good for the stomach and prevents ulcers. In places where the temperature is soaring high it helps in perspiration and hence very useful. Small amounts of bhut jolokia can be used as a spice and this can make the food quite enjoyable. Bhut jolokia paste can be used in the rice and meat dish called “biryani”. This will give a chili flavor to the “biryani” and make it more appetizing.  “Biryani” is eaten extensively as a part of the Indian cuisine. The oriental cuisine also encourages the use of chili flakes. You can have various soups like the sweet corn soup, chicken clear soup, and mushroom soup in a Chinese restaurant with some chili flakes on the soup and this will make the soup a little hot. Some people like to eat pickled chili pods and some others use the chili paste in various other pickles. Pickled chili pods of bhut jolokia pods would be very hot and you can try eating only a very small part of the pod along with your food.

We are able to supply huge amounts of bhut jolokia to our clients. We attribute the good quality of our bhut jolokia to the climatic conditions and the soil in the North Eastern parts of India. The pungency of the bhut jolokia is responsible for its varied uses. We are able to supply the chili powder or the chili paste packed in polypropylene pouches or as is required by the user. Buy bhut jolokia as a powder, as flakes, as pods, or as paste from PMRC Corporation! You are sure to receive good quality bhut jolokia and the bhut jolokia has been processed using most modern technology and keeping organic farming in mind.

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