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Bhut Jolokia Powder

Order Bhut Jolokia powder from PMRC Corporation

Before 2007, Red Savina was the hottest chili pepper in the world. But then, in February 2007, Bhut jolokia, a chili pepper from the norther eastern states of India, has taken the crown. The record has been also confirmed by Guinness World Records. The Bhut Jolokia is also known by a lot of other names such as Bih jolokia, Naga jolokia, Dorset naga, Naga morich, Nagahari, Raja mirchi or ghost chili. But the name Bhut Jolokia or ghost chili has meaning which represent the true nature of the Chili, i.e. it can even scare the ghosts with its hotness! The chili is mainly found in Assam of northeastern India. It also grows in the Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur.
The Scoville scale, which is used to measure hotness, has given a rating 1,041,427 units through HPLC analysis. Some of the other hot chilies of the world are Red Savina Habanero (577,000 SHUs), Thai Chillies (100,000 SHUs), Jalapeno or Italian Peperoncino (below 5000 SHUs). The local inhabitants of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur commonly use this chili for making pickles and adding hotness to food items. The Bhut Jolokia is also said to have medicinal uses for curing many ailments according to Vedic and several other ancient literature. It is even smeared in the fences to ward off animals or used in smoke bombs. The extreme hotness of bhut jolokia chili makes it very ideal for extracting oleoresin capsicum, which is used in foods where the flavor and piquancy are desired without visible pepper specks.

PMRC Corporation, an agricultural product based company, based out of Kolkata, India is a supplier of the Bhut jolokia powder in the world. The chili is cultivated using bio-safe and nature friendly methods which ensure the maximum hotness and the best quality. The products are available in different format such as Whole dry pods, Powder, Flakes, Paste and Salted mash. No chemical is added during the whole process. The Bhut jolokia powder is made from the freshly picked Chili. They are then dried and grounded to fine powder. Bhut jolokia flakes are produced by drying up fresh chili pods in special electrical dryers up-to a moisture content of 8-10%. The flakes generally comes in 500g and 1 kg capacity, but can also come in any capacity according to customer requirements. The Bhut jolokia powder imparts life in your daily foods, however be sure, not to add too much of our Bhut jolokia powder in your food. Also, always wear gloves when handling Bhut jolokia powder!

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