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Bhut Jolokia Pods

Different laboratory researches made all over the world have proved it very comprehensively that the Bhut Jolokia chilies are the hottest chilies in the world. These chilies are known all over the world for their amazingly hot taste and spicy flavor. Today, the world’s best chilies are grown in many part of the globe, but the best of these premium spices can be had only from the north-eastern states of India, the country that is known as the spice garden of this earth. These chilies are grown in wonderfully set farm in the states of Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur. These states are the largest producers of these premium spices from Indian sub-continent. These hot spices are available in the form of many forms like Jolokia seeds, powder, paste and Bhut jolokia podss.

Undoubtedly, the Bhut jolokia pods is inseparable part of the hottest chilies and therefore, it is also severely hot. These pods also share all the characteristics of the Bhut Jolokia chilies. They are also very sharp in taste and have very spicy flavor. These characteristics make the Bhut jolokia pods very popular among the consumers. These pods are used in the preparation of delicious curries, however it is always good to use minimum possible quantity to these preparations, otherwise you would make it absolutely pungent in taste. The Bhut jolokia pods is also known for its medicinal use. After people knew about the medicinal use of the Bhut jolokia pods, they are making an increased use of it.

PMRC Corporation is a company that is known all over for the best products of these chilies. We export Bhut Jolokia powder, paste, seeds and Bhut jolokia pods. As far as pod is concerned, it is premium product of our company. We have mastered the art of producing these products in the best of their forms. The farmers and skilled scientists are using the best techniques to manufacture best quality of Bhut Jolokia chili and its other products. Bhut jolokia pods is also a premium product of this range. The farms are maintained by experts and the most important thing about them is that they are absolutely free from contamination and pollution of any kind. We do not make use of any chemicals and due to this we are capable of manufacturing best kind of Bhut jolokia pods with all its natural characteristics and qualities intact.

The Bhut jolokia pods is prepared from freshly picked Bhut Jolokia chilies. The entire processing that we use at our plants is free from the use of any sharp chemical. Therefore, we never run into the risk of losing the natural characteristics of these premium products. We always try to preserve all the natural flavor and taste of these pods for which they are known all over the world. We offer all these products to all our customers in the freshest form so that they can enjoy the rich taste and aroma of these Bhut jolokia podss. We never make any compromise in the quality of our products as we value our quality more than anything else.

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