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Bhut Jolokia Pepper

Many people enjoy spicy and hot food. Whether you are having Mexican food, Indian cuisine, Arabian food, or Italian food you might want to spice it up in a different way. Jalapenos, capsicum, and peppers are all different ways in which the dish can be made hot to a certain extent. You can use bhut jolokia pepper in your food to make the food real hot. Bhut jolokia pepper is sold as powder, as seeds, as flakes, as pods or as paste. This bhut jolokia pepper grows in India as well as different parts of the world. Humid and rainy climate as found in Assam and Nagaland is suitable to grow bhut jolokia pepper. In this region bhut jolokia pepper grows on small shrubs that are not more than 120 cm high. A little of bhut jolokia pepper will cause a terrible burning sensation in your mouth and this can last for more than an hour.

Bhut jolokia pepper is rated as the hottest chilli and in 2007 entered the Guinness Book of World record. The bhut jolokia pepper is rated at over a million Scoville units. This makes it really hot and it has a high value of capsaicin. The bhut jolokia pepper is used to make medicines and the chilli is useful in curing stomach ailments. Some of this bhut jolokia pepper when boiled with water and the liquid is used to drive away animals, elephants, and also as a natural pesticide. The primary use of bhut jolokia pepper is as a flavouring agent in food.

The bhut jolokia pepper from PMRC Corporation is grown without using any pesticides and with organic methods of farming. The pods, powder, flakes, seeds and paste made from this bhut jolokia pepper is made in neat and clean conditions. The quality and pungency of the bhut jolokia pepper is preserved in the products that are bought by you. Bhut jolokia pepper is also sold as a salted mash. The bhut jolokia pepper pods are pickled and can be bought in pouches. This bhut jolokia pepper can be used in pickles and in gravies. The people who do the farming have to regularly wash their hands. They have to be careful that in no case a small quantity gets into their eyes. Due to the unique ingredient capsaicin in the bhut jolokia pepper this chilli has become very popular.

Bhut jolokia pepper can be bought from PMRC Corporation. We have sold to customers in India and abroad. The bhut jolokia pepper is packed in pouches of one kilo gram weight and also in smaller packets. Customers can ask for a convenient size of packets. The bhut jolokia pepper can be drop shipped to anywhere in the world. PMRC Corporation will promptly send the bhut jolokia pepper on receiving your order. If you have any queries feel free to ask us before you buy the bhut jolokia pepper. Order some bhut jolokia pepper for yourself now!

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