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Bhut Jolokia Chilli

The bhut jolokia chilli is a spice from the chilli category of spices. This bhut jolokia chilli is the hottest chilli available and has a rating of more that one million Scoville units. The bhut jolokia chilli has entered the Guinness Book of World records as the hottest chilli. The bhut jolokia chilli grown in Assam and Nagaland has more pungency as compared to the bhut jolokia chilli grown in some other dryer part of India. This spice is used to make your food tastier. The bhut jolokia chilli is also used to make medicines used for stomach problems. Bhut jolokia chilli can be used to induce sweating and this will keep you cool during the summer months. Bhut jolokia chilli is pungent enough to drive away elephants. It is used to make pesticide and is an organic way of protecting crops.

Paprika is also made from bhut jolokia chilli. A small amount of bhut jolokia chilli will make your food very hot. Normally people who work with bhut jolokia chilli wear gloves and then pluck the chilli pods. The chilli grows on small shrubs and has been found to be very useful as a spice and for its use in medicines. The shrubs grow up to a maximum height of 120 centimetres. A few seeds or a minimum quantity of the bhut jolokia chilli powder will make your mouth burn for at least an hour. The people into the farming of bhut jolokia chilli are advised to wash their hands properly after touching the shrub or the bhut jolokia chilli pods. The people in Assam and Nagaland add this to their food and enjoy their meals.

The bhut jolokia chilli is sold as bhut jolokia powder, bhut jolokia mash, bhut jolokia seeds, and bhut jolokia flakes. Each will have a different taste. Generally the chilli flakes would be used on pizzas and soups to suit your taste. The bhut jolokia powder can be added in minimal amounts to the stews. PMRC Corporation is catering to the bhut jolokia chilli grown in the North Easter parts of India. Here the climate is very suitable for the growing of bhut jolokia chilli pods. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used in these farms.

PMRC Corporation are able to supply the bhut jolokia chilli to anywhere in the world. The bhut jolokia chilli is packed in 1 kg or smaller packets and sent to the customer. You can also ask for customized packing. We have been selling spices for quite some time now. You can also buy cardamom, cumin seeds, pepper, turmeric and vanilla pods from PMRC Corporation. We are exporting different spices and are also supplying to the local retail chain. To spice up your food, gravies, and special main course dishes buy spices from PMRC Corporation. What are you waiting for? Go and order all your spice requirements from PMRC Corporation!

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