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Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds

Bhut jolokia chilli seeds are sold by PMRC Corporation. These bhut jolokia chilli seeds are very high in pungency and are rated at above one million Scoville units making it the hottest chilli. The bhut jolokia chilli also called Naga chilli is used to extract high levels of capsaicin. For Arabian, Indian, Mexican, and Italian food, various products from bhut jolokia chilli are used. Bhut jolokia chilli is used to make paprika which is used to add flavour to stews and pizzas. In Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur this bhut jolokia chilli is grown on little shrubs. These shrubs will not grow taller than 120 cm and the pods produced are used to make bhut jolokia chilli seeds, bhut jolokia chilli powder, bhut jolokia chilli paste, and bhut jolokia chilli flakes.

The people who work with these bhut jolokia chilli plants need to wash their hands regularly. Natural manure is used and the method of growing of bhut jolokia chilli is very organic. Bhut jolokia chilli seeds are used to make a spray for plants and it is useful in driving away animals and even elephants. Bhut jolokia chilli seeds are used in medicines to tackle stomach ailments. The bhut jolokia chilli seeds are used to induce sweating so that the person will feel cooler. A small amount of bhut jolokia chilli seeds in your mouth will make the mouth burn for hours together. Whole bhut jolokia chilli pods are pickled and can be eaten or used along with other food.

The bhut jolokia chilli powder can be used in food. The bhut jolokia chilli powder is made from dried pods of bhut jolokia chilli. Chilli flakes used in snacks are made from dried bhut jolokia chilli pods. The salted mash made from bhut jolokia chilli pods is useful in some medicines, food, and pesticides. The pungency of the bhut jolokia chilli seeds from various parts of the world and various parts of India is different. The climate in Assam is the most suitable to grow this bhut jolokia chilli as the hottest chilli. This bhut jolokia chilli has entered the Guinness Book of World records as being the hottest chilli found the world over. A single seed in your mouth can produce burning sensation for nearly half an hour.

PMRC Corporation is selling bhut jolokia chilli seeds. These spices can be sent anywhere in the world. PMRC Corporation can pack them into one kilo grams packets, into smaller packets, and into customized packets as per your requirements. All the bhut jolokia chilli seeds you will buy from PMRC Corporation have been grown without the use of pesticides. PMRC Corporation is encouraging local produce and local farmers to get a footing in the world market. We offer good prices for the bhut jolokia chilli seeds to the farmers. Order your requirements of the bhut jolokia chilli seeds now!

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