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Calcutta - 700084, India

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Bhaiya Dooj Gifts from ChocoJaadu

Hindus like to celebrate both Rakhi and Bhaiya dooj. Bhaiya dooj gifts are bought by the siblings for each other. Bhai dooj is celebrated on the fifth and last day of Diwali. Dooj means the second day, after you see the new moon. On Bhai dooj it is believed that Yamaraj goes to meet his sister Yami. Yami puts a tilak on the forehead of Yamaraj, and prayed for his well being. Legend also has it as Lord Krishna went to meet his sister, Subhadra, who also offered sweets and flowers to him. The Jains believe that Mahavir attained Nirvana on this day. Mahavir’s brother King Nandivardhan felt distressed, and he was comforted by his sister, Sudarshana. It has become an occasion when brother and sister like to meet each other. This is accompanied with exchange of Bhaiya dooj gifts and a family reunion. You can enjoy the celebrations on Bhaiya dooj with chocolates. These chocolates can be the hand made designer chocolates sold at ChocoJaadu. We will get them specially made if there is a huge order. We are able to give you a good discount if there is a group order or a bulk distribution required on an occasion.

You will enjoy the Bhaiya dooj gifts that you buy from ChocoJaadu. These hand made chocolates are carefully made by our experts. Our team is working towards maximum customer satisfaction. Fresh nuts are used inside ChocoNuts, which make them enjoyable all through the day. A fruit falvor is used in the FruityChoco to give them unique flavor. There are some customers who are ordering huge amounts of ChocoDark, where the chocolate is very dark and bitter. ChocoChilli is chocolate with chili flakes and is being used as a dinner treat.

Give ChocoJaadu a ring (91 98303 04437) and we will be able to take your orders. The chocolates will be packed in such a manner that they will reach you in perfect condition. The chocolates are made from best ingredients and will not melt while traveling to the customer. Our courier service is quite reliable and they are able to deliver your chocolates in perfect shape and size. The chocolates as Bhaiya dooj gifts are wrapped in colored wrapping paper. Then they are put into small pouches. They can be put into boxes containing ten / twenty pieces each. For bulk orders it will be nice if the customers discuss with ChocoJaadu about their requirements.

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