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Bhai Dooj Gifts from ChocoJaadu

A Hindu festivity for glorifying the eternal bond of brother and sisters is famously known as bhai dooj. Bhai dooj gifts manifest the spirit of this festival. At the end of Diwali celebration bhai dooj arrives every year. In Hindu culture and rituals this occasion has incredible importance.

Dangers and evil forces are barred from brothers due to sister’s prayer in this bhai dooj. The rituals occur in this festival are:

  • Sister puts bhai dooj tika on brothers fore head.

  • Blessings, love, good wishes sweets and gifts are exchanged.

This festival is revived from a myth. There was a girl who got married when her brother was too small. Her face was hazy to him. Saga states how on his way to meet his sister, brother met the menacing forces and dangers and how his sister protected him from all evils, sinister forces and threats on his returning. This myth has been followed for years and thus now a ritual that is bhai dooj. Bhai dooj is a great festivity for the relationship of brothers and sisters and bhai dooj gifts too play an important role!
A special acknowledgment is needed to celebrate this brother-sister bond. To acknowledge it what will be more attractive than bhai dooj gifts. Stereotypical gifts like garments, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, soft toys, deodorants and perfumes are boring now days. To change the clichéd idea for knick knacks, it is high time for siblings to tickle their chocoholic desires. What can be best other than handmade chocolates, that have the warmth and feelings which will be ideal as gifts.

The magic of “Chocojaadu” can spell cast of happiness in siblings’ faces. The best possible chocolaty gifts and aficionado products of “Chocojaadu” will be the perfect bhai dooj gifts.

  • “Choconuts” will be apt as a souvenir as it is a great amalgamation of chocolate with assorted nuts and raisins and a crunchy munchy experience.

  • “Chocochilli” is a unique blend of sweet and luscious chocolate with heat of chilli and the best gift for mischievous and sweetie siblings.

  • “Fruitychoco” is a blissful experience which is a blend crunchy chocolate with fruity flavour --- a must for siblings.

  • “Chocodark” is discovering the mysterious clandestine of good old dark chocolates and yummy momento of bhai dooj.

Like other gifts Bhai dooj gifts are also famous for the vibrant packaging with stunning and sparkling wrappers with beautiful laces and bows. “ChocoJaadu” provides as easy solution for brothers and sisters in this fast moving world and release them from the tension of wrapping the products.

  • Chocolates are decked up with golden foil with netted “batua bags” in a regal style.

  • Classy transparent paper envelopes the cluster of chocolates, tied beautifully with laces.

  • Attractive chocolate boxes and gorgeous chocolate baskets are offered by us.

The occasion of bhai dooj completes perfectly only with a splendid gifts from “Chocojaadu”.

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