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Bengali Wedding

Wedding, the most memorable and auspicious occasion of a person's life. It is the way through which two persons are able to bond strongly forever in their lives and also a promise to stay by and with each other in every sphere of life. Wedding ceremonies are actually grand events that take place for quite a number of days. Particularly a traditional Bengali wedding takes place for three days with lots of rites and rituals though all of which are not included nowadays due to shortage of time.

However there are a lot of interesting customs like:

  • Pakka dekha

  • Ashirbad

  • Gaye holud

  • Pre and post wedding rituals like boubhat etc.

Well these are all about the Bengali wedding customs but no wedding is complete without gifts and favors. Every family member along with friends want to gift something so special to the newly wed that at times it really becomes a painful task to decide as what would be the apt gift for the couple. Seeing this problem the most modernized solution has been made handy and that is designer chocolates! Yes, this will make many of you wonder about this gift but researches have proved in USA, UK and CANADA that this is the most different and unique gift from the lot and also the most appreciated, so now this yummy alternative is also being a popular gift item in Bengali wedding as well.

Chocolates itself present an image of ecstasy, good memories, sweet smile and the touch and smoothness of different customized and home made chocolates add that extra feather to the cap. There are different sizes and designs of chocolates with a wide variety of flavors like, Truffle, Fondant, Marzipan, Cream, Caramel and Liquor. They not only tickle our taste buds but also enhance the “feel good” feeling within us. Chocolates are little tokens of expressing thanks, gratitude, apologies and for a newly wed couple they are the best way to wish them a “chocolaty smooth and rich life in future”. Chocolates also act as favors; the smile which we see in the faces of other people can be the best favor for a chocolaty gift!

Young people are more conscious about the fat content in chocolates and other dairy products. For them also, a readymade solution is there and that is Hand-made chocolate decorated with dry fruits. A designer chocolate of heart shape or of any other shape according to your wish packed in an equally impressive designer box with a small message can be the most exquisite and sweetest gift for two people headed for a new future. Apart from all these chocolates are in vogue today as we get to see in the regular advertisements. Thus, chocolates serve the purpose of desserts and favors also as they are small yet less costly memorable tokens. Last but not least when it comes to Bengali wedding and celebrating the ceremonies with merriment chocolates is certainly is the best way to go. Call ChocoJaadu at 91 98303 04437 or send email to pmrccorp@gmail.com to place your order!

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