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Bean Vanilla

Being the second most expensive spice of the world, the bean vanilla cultivation is highly expensive. It demands much time, labor and money as well. After several stages of refining, what you find in your dishes or blended in a perfume is blissfully flavored. That because of its rich taste, people of different parts of the world fall in love with bean vanilla.

The seventh heaven of Vanilla has its origin in Mesoamerica, which was a part of Mexico in the ancient age. But currently the rich taste is derived from three parts of the planet. The majority comes from Madagascar, a small state of Indonesia. Vanilla bean is also found in West Indies, South Africa and India. The variants of the vanilla bean are Vanilla Planifolia, Vanilla Pompana etc.

If you go through the fostering stages of the bean vanilla, you will find it thrilling as well as interesting.

Harvesting Period
Though the seed grows rapidly on the vine, it can not be harvested until it gets developed enough. When the end of the pod gets yellowish, it’s the proper time to harvest. Each and every bean at its mature stage is handpicked to keep intact the flavor within. Basically the market value of the bean vanilla depends on the length. When the bean is more than 15 cm long, it gets categorize as a first-rate bean. 10-15 cm long beans are of second grade and the third grade bean vanilla is less than 10 cm long. The heavenly vanilla seeds stay covered by a dark red liquid in the bean. The bean vanilla needs to be carefully nurtured to get the best aroma.

Curing Period
After proper harvesting, bean vanilla is cured. There are several ways for curing vanilla. But in each and every method, the bean vanilla is killed, sweated, dried slowly hence properly conditioned to offer you the supreme aroma.

Killing Step
The tissue of the bean vanilla pod is killed for preventing more growth. It is killed in many ways but for every method, temperature plays a vital role. It is either killed by sun ray or putting on the oven. Many farmers put the bean vanilla pod in boiled water. The process is basically dunking the pods in a hot water tub for three minutes or more to impede the vegetative growth of the bean. This way the divine flavor is born.

Sweating Step
All the beans are wrapped after the flavor comes out. Then the bean vanilla is laid down out in the sun for one hour, each day for ten days. The rest of the time, the beans are stored in wooden boxes in air-tight store-rooms. This way the typical vanilla flavor and color is created.

The third stage of bean vanilla manufacturing is the drying step. At this stage, the moisture of the pods are lowered down to 20-25% after giving them regular sunbath. This way, the pods are not putrefied and the natural and purest flavor can be explored. The beans are speckled on a wooden frame for drying for the whole day. Everyday the sun sets to drum up the birth of heavenly feel in the bean vanilla.

The final stage. The pods are stored in closed boxes before finally reaching you, before finding your adore. They are then packed carefully with quality remaining undamaged. 

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